Shopping Bags ideal for institutions,shopping malls and stores. Strong, durable and delivers great value for money.

Also available with a D Cut punched on top of the bag which is used for holding the bags for the ease of user.Generally, ” D Cut ” is applied for bags on which loop-handles are not to be attached.

Application :
Institutions,Shopping Malls,Stores,Jewellery Shops and many others.

Runnig Sizes :
10 x 15, 12 x 18, 14 x 20
We are making this colour available regularly and other sizes are also available as per customer requirement.

We also manufacture special sizes in different gauges(thickness)

Note :
Running sizes refer to the sizes normally delivered. These sizes may be available under buffer stock whereas special sizes are manufactured seprately and then delivered to customers,thus requiring a bulk order.

Few Picture :


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